Canyon Wireless charging station for iPhone WS-100


  • Charging function matches most of QI-enabled devices (smartphones, TWS earphones)
  • Magnet charging ( for iPhone 12/iPhone 13 series)
  • Ultra thin design
  • Materials: acrylic surface, aluminum alloy edges
  • Powerful rubidium magnets
  • Wireless charging distance ≤ 7mm
  • LED lighting
  • Input: 9 V/2А, 9 V/2.7А, 12V/2А (PD18W adapter recommended)
  • Output: 15V / 10V / 7.5V / 5V
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Sizes: 58.5mm +/- 0.05mm * 7mm
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Article CNS-WCS100
Effective charging distance ≤7mm
Protection OCP/OVP/OTP/FOD
Charging standard QI-compliant
Smart chip Novoton / Blande
Special features Powerful rubidium magnets for a solid grip
Smartphones Magnetic charging – iPhone 12/iPhone 13 series, wireless charging – most of QI-enabled devices
Material ABS plastic
Dimensions 51.5 x 0.6 mm
Net weight 249 g
Input 9V/2A, 9V/2.7A, 12V/2A (recommend using a PD 18W adapter)
Output 15V / 10V / 7.5V / 5V
USB connection Type-C
Color Silver
Type С to USB-A cable length 1.5 m
Weight 0.3 kg




Android, iOS

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Canyon Wireless charging station for iPhone WS-100

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