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Four-Finger Kneading Massage

Electric scalp massager and head-scratcher with 100 individual nodes, with multiple modes and easy 1 button operation.

Cordless & Rechargeable

Easy to charge, the cordless design includes a rechargeable built-in battery and comes with a charging cable.

IPX-7 Waterproof & Food Grade Silicone

Removable massage heads allow for quick and easy cleaning, the water-resistant body makes it possible to enjoy a head massage while taking a shower.

Add Red Light Therapy Light

Built-in 8 red lights beads can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, and at the same time of massage, it can help stimulate the scalp and rejuvenate.

Wide Use

Can be used on kids, grown-ups, and pets as a scalp massager or full body massager to relieve aches knots, and muscle tension

Smart Handy Automatic Silicone Rechargeable Electric Machine Scalp Head Massager - China Scalp Massager, Massager for Hair Growth | Made-in-China.comElectric mini massager. Massage gun alternative/supplement. Portable (palm size), Powerful. Full body self-massage when travelling, at home, in the office. Pet massage (dog, cat, etc.)

Eyeology™ Smart Scalp Massager








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