Canyon Hazard GK-6


Connection type: Wired
Color: Black
Illumination: Yes
Keys: US
Form Factor: Full-Size
Switch: Blue

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  • 104 mechanical buttons
  • Blue mechanical switches
  • Key route 4.0 mm
  • Trigger actuation 2.4 mm with force 60 +/- 10g
  • 60 million pressings per button
  • Double-injection keycaps
  • “Windows/Start” button lock
  • NKRO anti-ghosting and anti-jamming function
  • 20 types of backlighting
  • 10 lighting presets for most popular games, 2 of them could be re-programmed
  • Bonus sticker included in the package

The keyboard has 20 types of vivid backlighting. We’ve created 10 pre-programmed combinations of lighting setup for a selection of most popular games. You can re-program 2 of these combinations according to your personal needs.

Due to its innovative mechanical button mechanism, optimised key route and fast trigger actuation, this mechanical keyboard will help you to win like a real professional gamer. keyboard has 104 ultra-firm keys that ensure awesome feeling and great control over the game. The buttons can handle over 60 millions of strokes.
When you push a button with a blue mechanical switch, you’ll feel a little bump and hear a high-pitched clicking sound the moment the keyboard input is sent to your PC. The switch is actuated when you press the key halfway down. Such easy and fast actuation makes this type of switches very popular among gamers all around the globe.
2.4-mm trigger actuation ensure fastest response you could ever imagine. Control your game and win like a pro just by keeping your fingers on the buttons. Optimised key route and fast trigger actuation, this mechanical keyboard will help you to win like a real professional gamer.
Double injection technology allows creating a key legend that will never fade or chip off. The texture of the keys will remain the same regardless of how often you’re using your keyboard. Backlighting created using this technology looks incredible and works really well at any level of illumination in the room.
100% anti-ghosting and anti-jamming feature provides flawless gaming experience without losing a single keystroke. NKRO technology supports as many simultaneous key presses as needed and ensures that your key presses are sent without errors and in the exact order as they are pressed.
“Windows/Start” button lock ensures interruption-free gaming sessions. Given everything described above, this keyboard is a great tool for any battle you might face.
Braid-coated cable provides high speed and sharpness of the signal. Nothing can interfere the dynamics of your game! Instant signal transmission provided by the ferrite filter reduces electric interference.
Weight 700 g
Brand Canyon
Colour Black
Dimensions Full size
Connection type Wired
Illumination Yes
Keys US
Keyboard type Mechanical Keyboard
Type Of Switches Blue

Article: CND-SKB6
Connection: Wired
Cable length: 1.8 m
Interface: USB Type A
Number of keys: 104
Hotkeys: 17
Keys type: Blue Mechanical
Key route: 4.0 mm
Trigger actuation: 2.4 mm
Stabilizers type: Cherry
LED backlighting: 20 types, 10 pre-programmed modes
Rated voltage current: DC 5V/
Certifications: CE, RoHS
Colours: Black, orange, colourful LED lighting
Layout: “Double Injection”




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Canyon Hazard GK-6

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