Canyon Nightfall GС-7


Series: Nightfall
Color: Black | Orange
Material: ECO-Leather
Maximum weight: 150 kg

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• Dense foam filler with a memory effect
• High quality eco leather
• 1.5 mm thick metal frame
• 3D adjustable armrests
• “Top gun” mechanism
• Tilted backrest 90°-160°
• Last generation Class-4 gas lift
• Comfortable headrest
• Lower back support
• Metal base
• Silent polyurethane castors 60 mm
• Maximum load up to 150 kg
• Bonus sticker included in the package
This chair is reinforced with a 1.5 mm thick metal frame. This is important for better durability and stability of the chair, as well as improved handling. Besides, this frame makes the construction of the chair even more reliable.
Five-pointed nylon base with 60 mm polyurethane castors provides the chair with excellent stability and quiet rolling on any surface. Thanks to this, the chair moves without excessive effort. Unfailing assistance for a perfect win!
The chair has a reliable gas lift, which allows you to adjust the seat height with maximum precision. Due to this, you can conveniently sit at any table, avoiding unnecessary strain on the arms and shoulders. Gas lift is made with the latest technology, which has undergone rigorous testing.
The chair is covered by a high-quality eco-leather that echoes leather utilized in the interior of premium cars. It is easy to clean, resistant to damage, and pleasant to the touch.
These 3D-armrests are designed with the use of the latest technology. They can be moved forward and backward, up and down, and also up to 15° in and out. This allows you to avoid overstrain in the arms for a long time. Get maximum comfort even after many hours of play!
High-quality foam filler with memory effect gently supports the body, thus helping muscles to avoid discomfort and fatigue. It remembers the shape of your body until the next gaming session.
Take a rest without losing control over the game! You can recline the back of the chair 90°-160°, stretch, and give the muscles of the back and arms to relax. A few minutes of relaxation – and you can play again at full power!
Well-balanced and perfectly centred “top gun” mechanism ensures comfortable seating. It brings a soft “rocking-chair” effect to the gaming chair, allowing you to adjust the sitting angle and the level of rocking.
Weight 25000 g
Brand Canyon
Chair & Table series Nightfall
Colour Black
Material PU Leather
Weight 25 kg



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Canyon Nightfall GС-7

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