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Canyon Puncher GM-20 High-End Gaming Mouse


Series: Puncher
Connection type: USB
Form Factor: Ambidextrous
Color: Black, White
Illumination: Yes
Sensor: PixArt PAW3360
Frequency: 1000 Hz
Resolution DPI / CPI: 12.000 DPI
Tracking speed: 250 IPS

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• Perforated housing
• Reduced mouse weight to diminish arm muscle fatigue
• Mouse weight 65 g
• Maximum acceleration 50 G
• Professional sensor Pixart 3360
• Teflon feet
• DPI range from 1000 to 12000 dots
• 7 programmable buttons
• RGB backlight
• 10 lighting effects
• Lightweight USB cable 1.65 m braided with ferrite ring
• Response frequency 125/250/500/1000 Hz
• Additional software for settings setup
• Macros assignment
Thanks to the high precision of the Pixart 3360 sensor, you can switch between DPI levels literally on the fly – from 1000 DPI for shooting to 12000 DPI for super-fast movement. The full range of the sensor’s preset DPIs includes 1000/2000/3000/5000/8000/12000. Besides, the mouse driver allows you to set custom DPI values with an interval of 200 DPI.
Ultra-lightweight braided cable eliminates obstacles to movement caused by mouse cord weight or pulling. Also, the absence of unnecessary loads makes dynamic and prolonged gaming sessions less tiring for the arm muscles. A ferrite ring suppresses electrical noise and helps to achieve maximum accuracy and uninterrupted signal.
You can customize macros and button commands for any gaming style or character. The wide adaptability of the mouse will allow you to achieve the best results in the game by fine-tuning to the specifics of your game character!
This eye-catching perforation is designed to reduce housing weight, thereby reducing the stress put on the arm muscles. Plus, the perforations provide ventilation to reduce skin sweating and make the mouse more comfortable during long gaming sessions. The weight-reduced perforated housing is designed to help you maintain high responsiveness over time.
The mouse software gives you unlimited customization options for any game genre. Full mouse customization will allow you to create a player profile, assign macros, key functions, and set DPI. Great gear for a winner!
Teflon is a synthetic polymer capable of gliding flawlessly on any surface with minimal friction. Because the mouse legs are 100% made of Teflon, the mouse moves across the table or mat just like skates on fresh ice.
Adapted for high-speed gaming, this mouse has a responsiveness of 1 millisecond, a maximum movement speed of 250 tips, and a maximum acceleration of 50 G, which is 5-8 times faster than in standard models. You can customize the polling rate to match your game and a maximum scan rate of 12,000 fps to ensure a super-fast response.
Weight 300 g
Brand Canyon
Colour Black, White
Connection type Wired
Form Factor Ambidextrous
Illumination Yes
Number of buttons 7
Max sensitivity (DPI) 12.000
Sensor PMW 3360
Sensor type Optical
Tracking speed 250 IPS
Weight 0.3 kg


White, Black

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Canyon Puncher GM-20 High-End Gaming Mouse

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