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AYANEO KUN AMD 7840U 32GB Ram + 2TB SSD Black Feather


AYANEO’s most advanced fantasy handheld ever

Bright and transparent 8.4″ large screen with excellent color performance

75Wh super large battery, challenging the peak capacity of Windows handhelds

Close to the size of traditional game controllers

Windows handheld pioneer “TouchTAPMagic” dual intelligent touchpad

Superb heat dissipation, achieving 54W TDP performance release for the first time in handheld

Premium large screen handheld with top-notch materials and advanced craftsmanship

Pioneering Windows handhelds to support Windows Hello face recognition

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AYANEO KUN Handheld with AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U

A Visual Feast

One of the standout features of the AYANEO KUN is its striking 8.4-inch 2.5K resolution IPS original color screen. This screen is engineered to deliver exceptional clarity and brightness, ensuring a visually immersive experience across a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments. Notably, this screen surpasses the standard 7-inch displays found in similar-sized handheld devices, promising an expansive canvas for gaming and productivity.

A Design Above the Rest

AYANEO KUN doesn’t just excel in performance; it’s a work of art. The device is available in three elegant colors: “Silver Wing,” “Black Feather,” and “White Clothes.” These options go beyond the typical aesthetic choices seen in large-screen handhelds, elevating the device to a new level of sophistication and style.

Powerhouse Performance

Under the hood, the AYANEO KUN boasts the AMD R7 7840U flagship processor, a powerhouse in its own right. With a three-copper pipe structure and a large, PC-level fan, this processor can deliver peak performance reaching 54W (often even surpassing that to 56W), all while maintaining a temperature of 88.4 degrees Celsius. This raw computing power is sure to satisfy even the most demanding users.

Unprecedented Battery Life

AYANEO KUN is redefining the boundaries of battery life for Windows handhelds. Equipped with an enormous 75Wh (19500mAh) battery, it claims the title of the largest battery ever seen in a device of its kind. This extended battery life ensures that users can enjoy extended gaming sessions or complete their workday on a single charge.

Precision Controls

The AYANEO KUN is designed with gamers in mind. It features handle-level large buttons that provide a soft, responsive feel, delivering a control experience that rivals professional gaming controllers. With eight customizable functions, players can tailor the device to their unique preferences. The classic combination of the Hall joystick and Hall trigger guarantees precise control without dead zones, drift, or compromised accuracy.

Additionally, the floating eight-way direction key allows for pinpoint precision, while dual smart touchpads replicate the experience of a native mouse. Key mapping functionality enables users to swiftly execute complex commands, both in daily tasks and high-level gaming.



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AYANEO KUN AMD 7840U 32GB Ram + 2TB SSD Black Feather

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