AENO Robot Vacuum Cleaner RC3S


Clean your floors without lifting a finger

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Smart control via AENO App

Wet & Dry cleaning


Cleaning schedule


Smart control via AENO application

Control the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the world via the AENO mobile app for Android and iOS. You can also control the device with virtual voice assistants: Google/Amazon Alexa/Siri/Yandex Alice

Wet and dry cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner can not only clean up to 150 square meters at a time, but also do wet cleaning, simply by setting the water container capacity to 350 ml. Electronic water supply control with a choice of 3 modes (low, medium, high) allows you to choose the best cleaning scenario depending on the type of flooring and the level of dirt.

Wet and dry cleaning


Remote sensing technology that uses a laser to collect measurements, which can then be used to create 3D models, maps of objects and rooms. Smart room mapping allows you to memorize all the objects in the room and make cleaning more efficient bypassing the obstacles.


Continued cleaning from the same place

If the battery is low, cleaning is paused for charging, and then continues from the same place after charging.

Continued cleaning from the same place

Virtual walls and no-go zones

Clean only where needed. The setting allows you to limit the cleaning area to a specific selected area in the room or the entire room.

Virtual walls and no-go zones

Manual control

The kids will love it. Control the vacuum cleaner like a game using the remote control or via the AENO app. Manual zone cleaning and individual room cleaning.

Manual control

Product Hints

Product Hints

3 levels of suction power

Low, Medium and Turbo to choose the best setting for easy or thorough cleaning.

Сleaning schedule

Clean only when needed. Create your own cleaning scenarios by adjusting the frequency of cleaning and the time of day the robot vacuum cleaner operates.


Dust container
600 ml
Water tank
350 ml
Сleaning area
150 m²
Suction power
2000 Pa
Weight 3 kg




Android, iOS

Specific Uses For Product

Home, Personal



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AENO Robot Vacuum Cleaner RC3S

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